Okay Pullers, I apologize for the confusion with the sign up table these first couple pulls. In order to let the sign up table ladies enjoy the pull and to keep things going smooth, we would like all the pullers to be signed in ahead of time. With this being said, once the stock gas class has ended, it is too late to sign up to pull for that day. I sincerely apologize for the late announcement and confusion. We will get it figured out together and thank you for the cooperation!! Please pass the word along so everyone can know of this new change! Thank you!


The “sign up table ladies” ❤️

Next 2019 Board Meeting:::

Good afternoon!!
Attention Members:
The next board meeting will be for the board and not a membership meeting.
If you have concerns or rule changes it needs to be discussed with the class and the class rep, and have the class rep bring it to the board for final discussion.

2018 Banquet

2018 MPA Banquet is at Dennis & Gail Hopkins house, 45 335th St, Perry, IA 50220 on Saturday, November 17th. Social hour starts at 5:30 with supper at 6:30. See you there.

P. S. If it has rained or snowed do not go down 335th street at the LP tank. You will get stuck. Go up around on the highway.


Well Pullers mother nature is trying to stop the Madrid pull. We will give an answer by 9 am in the morning. As for a make up date if needed would be next Saturday at noon.